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Love is a commitment to a decision to benefit others.

We were thrilled to work with Alfred Dewitt Ard. Their capabilities and perspective added incredible value to our project. We couldn’t have reached our project milestones without them. It was a pleasure to work with them and we look forward to working with them again.

Rhea Fernandez

Director of Operations, Hebru Brand Studios


Working with Alfred Dewitt Ard was nothing short of a dream. Shumeca was an incredibly strategic leader. We were looking for a visionary firm that would understand the cultural and artistic importance of our project and be able to build out and lead an effective team at the same time. Shumeca executed on both of those things at the highest level and was an absolute professional at every turn. We have since worked with Alfred Dewitt Ard on other endeavors and hope to continue to work with them in the future.

Abby Pucker

Director of Business Development, Madison Wells Media

Ard’s approach combines a frank honesty with compassion and encouragement. They create a [gracious] space for White leaders to expand their understanding of and confront their personal responsibilities around racism. From that base of understanding and humility, it is possible for them to become a meaningful supporter of racial justice and meaningful change.

Gunnar Branson



Love for people is the bedrock of enduring communities, organizations, and industries.


Alfred Dewitt Ard is a social impact consultancy that works with a cross-section of people and organizations to help them build and lead anti-racist organizations.


We coach and consult with intellectual and emotional depth and cultural fluency.


We benchmark organizations' race-informed culture, strategies, and operations and create a strategic plan for improvement.




We offer one-on-one and group executive coaching in a gracious, structured, and trustworthy environment to provide race-informed support to executive leaders.

We deliver probing questions, inventories, and exercises to help leaders understand their own assumptions and perspectives about race, and to clarify their values and vision for themselves in race-based work.

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